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SerialApp Command Line Options

There are 11 command line options for SerialApp. If none are specified the default values in the table below are used.
They are optional but:
If a different value is required, all parameters up to it must be specified.

eg SerialApp  2  2 9600 will perform the test as a loopback with COM2 with defaults except BAUD rate is 9600.


  • All coms are No Handshake, 8 Bit, 1 stop bit, No parity,
  • All parameter conversions convert to 0 if invalid.





No. Command line Parameter Default Value Comment
1 Write Port 1 By default both read and write ports are same
2 Read Port 1 If only one parameter, or second = first, then Read Port = Write Port (Loopback)
3 BAUD Rate 115200  
4 Maximum Paceket Size 8  
5 Minimum Packet Size 8  
6 Test Time INFINITE Not yet used
7 Write Timeout 3333 Can be INIFINITE Enter value > 10000
8 Read Timeout 3333 Can be INIFINITE Enter value > 10000
9    Max Read Loop Time    20000    Read loops until required number of bytes is read.
Each individual read may timout, in which case it loops again
If though the looping exceeeds this time , a software timeout happens
The read is aborted
10  Read Auto Mode  FALSE  MAX_DWORD, MAX_DWORD Option is used for Read Timeout
11 Abort on Error FALSE See fAbortOnError at
  Also defined in header file:    
  MESSAGE The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.ABCDEFGHIJKLMabcdefghijklm0123456789 
  DEFAULT_COM_PORT L"$device\\COM1"  
  MAX_PACKET_SIZE (strlen(MESSAGE)) Limit to Maximum Paceket Size
  DEFAULT_DISPLAYPERIOD 5000 Time between message updates

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